What is a Zombie Process

A zombie process is a process that has terminated but still has an entry in the process table of the operating system. It is like a “dead” process that is still lingering in the system.

Causes of zombie processes:

  • When a child process finishes its execution, but the parent process has not yet read its exit status.
  • When the child process finishes too quickly, and the parent process does not have time to read the exit status.

Effects of zombie processes:

  • Consume system resources such as memory and CPU.
  • Slow down the system.
  • Make it difficult to manage the system.

How to fix zombie processes:

  • Use the ps aux command to list all processes.
  • Find zombie processes by checking the status (STAT) field for Z.
  • Use the kill command to kill the zombie processes.

this picture no STAT “Z” or no zombie process.

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