Update run command line

Update run command line on February 2024 (Windows 11)

Commands Descriptions
access.cplAccessibility Controls
appwiz.cplAdd/Remove Programs
control admintoolsAdministrative Tools
cleanmgrDisk Cleanup Utility
control colorPersonalization
compmgmt.mscComputer Management
control foldersFolder Options
cliconfgSQL Server Client Network Utility
certmgr.mscCertificates – Current User
charmapCharacter Map
chkdsk (On Command Line and Run As Administrator)Check Disk Utility
calcOpens calculator
cmdOpens command prompt
devmgmt.mscDevice Manager
diskmgmt.mscDisk Management
dcomcnfgComponent Services
diskpart ( Run Administrator )Disk Partition Manager
desk.cplSystem > Display
dxdiagDirectX Diagnostic Tool
eudceditPrivate Character Editor
eventvwr.mscEvent Viewer
explorerOpens My Documents
fsquirtBluetooth File Transfer
fsmgmt.mscShared Folders
gpedit.mscLocal Group Policy Editor
hdwwiz.cplDevice Manager
iexpressIExpress Wizard ( IExpress 2.0)
iexploreOpen Microsoft Edge (Browser)
inetcpl.cplInternet Properties
ipconfig ( On Command Line)Windows IP Configuration
intl.cplRegional Settings
lusrmgr.mscLocal User and Group
logoffLogs out current user
magnifyOpen Magnifier
makecab ( Run on Commmand Line )Cabinet Maker, file compressor.
msconfigOpen System Configuration Utility
msinfo32System Information
mspaintOpens Paint
mstscRemote Desktop
mmsys.cplSounds and Audio
notepadOpens a New Notepad
ncpa.cplNetwork Connections
oskOn Screen Keyboard
perfmon.mscPerformance Monitor
powercfg.cplPower Options
qprocess ( Run on Command Line )Displays information about processes
qwinsta ( Run on Command Line )Display information about Terminal Sessions
route ( Run on Command Line )Manipulates network routing tables
runas ( Run on Command Line )Allows a user to run specific tools and programs with different permissions than the user’s current logon provides.
regeditOpens Registry Editor
rsop.mscResultant Set of Policy
rwinsta ( Run on Command Line)Reset the session
rasphoneRemote Access Phonebook
services.mscUsed for Managing all the services on the computer.
sigverifFile Signature Verification Tool
secpol.mscLocal Security Policy
shutdownShutdown Windows
scCommunicates with the service controller and installed services.
schtasksTask Scheduler
shrpubwShared Folder Wizard
timedate.cplDate and Time Properties
telephon.cplPhone and Modem Options
tsconAttaches a user session to a terminal session.
tsdisconDisconnects a session from a terminal server.
tskill ( Run on Command Line)Ends a process. Evencan terminate a process
typeperf ( Run on Command Line)Very useful in loginevents. Usedto monitor Processor threads and writes into a specified log file.
userinitopen folder Home
verifierDriver Verifier Utility
wscui.cplControl Panel\System and Security\Security and Maintenance
wmplayerWindows Media Player
wmimgmt.mscConsole Root \ WMI Control
winverCheck Windows Version
writeOpens WordPad